Mixing tracks that you recorded at home or abroad.

We can help polish your mixes before the mastering stage as well.

Stem Mixing

Provide your Drum / Perc / Bass / Keys / Guitars / Vocal / Didgeridoo / Ukelele / FX (etc..) stems for a new take on your mix.

  • Billed at $70/hour
  • Get the benefit of analog summing


Track – By – Track Mixing

If your mixes aren’t shaping up like you want to hear, let a professional handle it.
Mixing can often be similar to cooking, and it takes many years of practice to make a “cook” into a “Chef”

  • Billed either at $70/hr or by the project.
  • Please contact us to get an idea of what your project will require.

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What we do

We are a specialized studio providing the highest quality Analog and Digital Mastering for Music, Podcasts, Audio Books, Film, & Game Audio. Give us a call or send us a text message @ 1+ 541.286.5434


The work you did on it is phenomenal.. you added that sweetness to the sound.. I am really amazed, I will be mastering all my other tracks with you!
Cooki Bennis, Morocco

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