OUR 2ND TIER – Intermediate Sound Engineering

with Thaddeus Moore of
Liquid Mastering

Online 10 hour video series
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About The Course

5 Weeks & 5 Lessons

Deeper dive examples and guidance on everything covered in the Fundamentals Class Series

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Q&A With Head Engineer

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What You’ll Learn

Audio engineering since 1997, Thaddeus Moore is the head mastering engineer at Liquid Mastering. Thaddeus has worked with thousands of artists and hundreds of albums in nearly every style of music.

This is a much deeper dive into the tools and techniques used by music producers and audio engineers worldwide. From microphone phase correction, the science behind EQ, Creative use of distortion, deep side chain techniques, and understaning digital conversion to make all your recordings stronger, Thaddeus will walk you through the essentials of professional engineering that you can use to take your home production chops to the next level.



“I spent 8 years as an undergraduate and graduate student. Your Sound Engineering course was absolutely as well done and enjoyable as any other course I’ve ever taken. I really appreciate the passion you have invested in your teaching and your trade.”



“Having the class online and being able to download the recordings was awesome, because I could revisit concepts or go back to make sure I had understood a concept correctly. I think Thaddeus is a fantastic teacher … and he is a wonderful community resource. “



Course Details

5 Weeks –  2 Hour Videos

A class to make the art of sound engineering understandable to anyone!


Class Outline

1 - Lots of Microphone & Phase Issues

This is a deeper exploration of the fundamentals class’ microphones and phase probs.This is a deeper exploration of the fundamentals class’ microphones and phase probs. We will examine some Re-amped guitar through MANY near and far field mics. Mid/Side Techniques, Stereo as M/S vs. L/R.

2 - Deep Equalization

So Many Options! Different types of Equalizers, How to recognize masking, bring down the parts that suck, and bring up the overall volume… vs. Boosting too much of what you want more of. IE: Understanding Subtractive EQ. Balancing similar sounding parts of your Mix!

3 - Getting the most from Dynamics Processing

Side Chains, both internal and external, Multi vs. Single vs. Full Band Compression, De-essers, Understanding using Compressors as a GROOVE tool, not just levelers or clip reductions. Balancing these ideas with the distortion they invariably introduce.

4 - Analog vs. Digital, Distortion Types, Conversion Probs

Understanding the CREATIVE use of distortion! 2nd Order vs 3rd Order Harmonics. Understanding the CREATIVE use of distortion! 2nd Order vs 3rd Order Harmonics.  Problems with Aliasing off the roof of your Nyquist frequency, & Oversampling In Digital: Distortion /  Quantization Error / When to Dither / PCM vs. 1 Bit encoding.

5 - Deeper Routing & Mixing Tips

Routing Signal with BUSSES vs AUXES, Wet / Dry FX Mixing, Routing Signal with BUSSES vs AUXES, Wet / Dry FX Mixing,  Proper SPL and mixing levels- Danger to our ears, & are easily fooled by volume changes! FX tricks and tips – Reverb, Delay  & Finally: Recognizing problems in Mixing.

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