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Audio Engineering workshop


self empowering Sound Engineering courses

with Thaddeus Moore of
Liquid Mastering
September – october 2020




About The Course

5 Weeks & 5 Lessons

Engage at your own pace in these 5 Video Sectionals.


Microphones to Final Mix

We cover all the fundamentals of what anyone recording at home needs to know

Access to Recordings

After the live sessions – You’ll have access to the recordings 24/7

Q&A With Head Engineer

Direct access and guidance from Thaddeus Moore

What You’ll Learn

With over 23 years of experience, Thaddeus Moore is the head mastering engineer at Liquid Mastering. Thaddeus has worked with thousands of artists and hundreds of albums in nearly every style of music.

From microphone basics to the science behind EQ, Thaddeus will walk you through the essentials of professional engineering that you can use to take your home production chops to the next level.



“I spent 8 years as an undergraduate and graduate student. Your Sound Engineering course was absolutely as well done and enjoyable as any other course I’ve ever taken. I really appreciate the passion you have invested in your teaching and your trade.”



“Having the class online and being able to download the recordings was awesome, because I could revisit concepts or go back to make sure I had understood a concept correctly. I think Thaddeus is a fantastic teacher … and he is a wonderful community resource. “



Course Details & Outline

5 Weeks and 5 Videos + Direct Guidance for 90 min Each Week.  $2000 
A class to make the art of sound recording understandable to anyone!

1. Intros / Acoustics / Microphones – 2 hrs
Deep dive into sound treatment no matter your space, how to check for noise and reverb issues, mic types and use basics.

Sound: Frequency, Amplitude, Velocity,
Harmony, Standing Waves, and PHASE issues

Microphones: What are they? Different kinds,
when to use, & how they work.

Cable types: Balanced/Unbalanced, and usage.
Differences between Mic/Inst/Line level signal.

Computer interface types and settings.

2. Tracking yourself – 2hrs
How to get the mic in the best place for your vocals or instruments, how to set gain and check for trouble plaguing most recordings. 

Taking the info from the previous session into practice!

3. EQ and Dynamics Processing – 2hrs
Equalizers, Compression, Limiting, Gating, Expansion.
Hmmm…. What are those? and Why should I care?
One of the most interesting and complex parts
and art at the heart of what we do!

4. Audio Recording Principles – History of Tape/Digital – 2hrs
Machine Types, Analog vs. Digital, History,
Understanding how to maximize the use of your systems! How to creatively use distortion and modeling to shape your sounds into something truly interesting.

5. Mixing – 2hrs
Understanding your DAW mixer/Interface – Routing Signal,
Wet / Dry FX Mixing, Sound pressure levels- Dangers, Gain structure/Levels, Training your ears for interference and masking.
FX Basics – Reverb, Delay, Elements of Mixing: Using basic audio recording principles to create a balanced mix.

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